How do I access the mobile version?

Just point your mobile browser (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) at the site and the mobile version should be delivered.

Does the mobile site update the currency like the desktop website?

No. To improve the user experience loading the site and minimise network usage the main mobile page does not update the exchange rate in the background as the main desktop site does. To get the latest exchange rate please refresh your browser.

What is the Euro?

The Euro is the common currency of many European contries, It replaced currencies such as the French franc, the Deutsche Mark, Greek drachma. One Euro consist of 100 cents.

What is the Pound?

The Pound is the currency of the United Kingdom, it is also referred to as Pound Sterling (some other countries also have the pound) or commonly in the UK "A Quid". One pound consists of 100 pence, one pence being the smallest coin available in the UK.

What is the Dollar?

The US Dollar is the currency of the United States. Other countries also have their own dollar currency such as the Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar. One Dollar consists of 100 cents.

What is the conversion between previous European currencies such as the French franc and the Euro

Please see http://www.euro.ecb.int/en/section/conversion.html

What does the Euro look like?

Please see http://www.euro.ecb.int/en/section/testnotes.html

The Calculator says NaN, what's with that?

NaN means not a number, most probably you entered a character not recognised by the calculator. The decimal separator should be the . and not the , for example enter 45.67 not 45,67

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